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My Second Message to AT (0072)

Dear AT management,

I heard you are having a grand opening tomorrow. Congrats.

I read Koolset latest post. Well written because all the questions are exactly what we all have in mind.

Even if there are nobody who asked you these questions tomorrow, I hope the management will take the initiative to answer all these questions without being asked.

1) What is the expected earning projection after 13 lines are up and running?

2) What are the risks associated with the sourcing of raw materials for gloves?

3) What is the best use for the Cash on the companuy's balance sheet?

4) How does the company plan to raise capital in order to fund future growth?

5) Who are the emerging competitors in the glove industry in which you operate?

6) What part of the business is giving you the most trouble now?

7) Do you have any plans to advance or promote the stock? Details on the PR strategy and marketing strategy.

8) What catalysts will affect the stock going forward?

9) As an investor, what am I expecting to achieve with this stock?

10) Putting aside glove venture, does AT have any other venture plans in mind?

11) What are the advantages does this company offer compared to existing & up-and-coming glove companies?

12) What risks will come from indirect competitors?

13) How big is the market opportunity when it comes to AT gloves venture?

14) What percentage of the glove market share do you hope to get in both local and global?

15) How long will the 13 lines take to be establish?

16) Will there be a second factory in Kamunting for glove venture? If yes, when is the expected date for it to be ready?

17) Does AT have any other M&A plans in mind at the moment?

18) The existing glove companies have full orders till end of this year and the next, is AT Glove the same? What is the count order at the moment?

19) Will AT Glove be hiring any foreign workers? If yes, what about the housing issues?

20) There seem to be a few ventures that AT was not able to achieve, what are the reasons behind it?

21) Many has seen the 50 sen videos, what is the the meaning behind it?

22) How will AT Glove compete with the current existing glove giants in the future?

23) Will AT Glove be doing any house brand of its own?

24) What is AT Glove future planning of tech involvement in glove line to increase efficiency?

25) Lastly, any words of encouragement for your current and future investors?

We want to feel smart and sound when we invested in your company.

Don't make other people think that we are AT blind followers.

We all have our own pride and ego as an investor so please ensure you make us look good.


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