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Quarter Report Trading Strategy.
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Author: Stock Prince (股票王子)   |   Latest post: Tue, 23 Feb 2021, 8:06 PM

Why am I here? Recently I have witnessed many novice traders rushing into the market to simply buy penny/speculative stocks at very high prices. Causing them to lose their hard earned money or worst their life savings. This breaks my heart and as a very experienced investment bank trader, I believe that it is my duty to teach the public the right way to day trade.
1.If stock price is high before QR release= Sell on strength

Do not hold too much, as the price has already been factored in, so even when the QR is really good, it will not gap up too much.

Case study: On 28th October, LCTITAN opened at Rm2.48 and hovered around the area before QR coming out, when the QR came out, it gapped down and went as low as Rm2.01 wiping out about 20%. You definitely don’t want to be caught in that !

2.If the price keeps dropping before release of QR, it is not smart to go in too as chances are insiders have already known the results and are secretly selling to the market.

3.If QR is very good (500% onwards) while stock price is still stagnant before QR release, see how much it gaps up, please be cautious if it gaps up too much, wait for it to stabilize before entering. If it gaps up just a few bids, you can definitely enter. When this happens, a stock might limit up depending on how big the momentum is. There are few cases that this happens, for instance ITRONIC today.

4.If a QR is very bad, just avoid it but if the company is good in long-term you can bargain hunt for long term purposes.

5.For serious risk takers, if a QR is bad and a stock GAPPED DOWN TOO MUCH (15% onwards) you can bottom fish but go with extreme caution and set a very strict cut loss strategy if the trade goes against you!

So here are my 2 cents on how to trade QR based on a few scenarios, there are many more different scenario which will happen than the above, feel free to discuss in the chat group and I am more than happy to answer your questions.

Please DM to join our discussion group where you are able to exchange ideas with like-minded market participants.

Stock Prince

Disclaimer: All information shared here are strictly for educational purpose only. There is no buy or sell recommendation for any counters mentioned in this channel. We hold no responsibility for your trades. You should make your informed decision by consulting your licensed remisier or investment advisor before making any investment decision.


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