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The greatest investor of all time – Warren Buffett did not just earn his name by his wisdom in the world of investment, he also outperforms the market over years by one key characteristic – PATIENCE.


As I had shared since January on the true value of ARB BERHAD (KLSE:ARBB), Investors are getting somewhere around 50% - 60% return in just a month time. This is base on the conservative assumption of buying this company’s share at the price of 25.0 cents to 26.0 cents. Hope this Ang Pao satisfies all of you!


Now back to the main story. Based on my understanding, ARBB had always been an undervalued gem which is being manipulated by forum pundits, I believe there are a group of them who:


  1. Spreading fear amongst investors via fake news.
  2. Creating fake account(s) attempt to brainwash investors, fortunately everyone in the forum are smart enough to not fall for their tricks. I've attached several screenshots to reveal them.
  3. Having a group of operators to create fake sell queue on ARBB, but lost lots of money during the rally as ARBB outperforms the market.
  4. Failed to attack ARBB, and hence turn into another undervalued gem – AGESON BERHAD (KLSE:AGES)!