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Just some notes on MMCCORP

1.Port division has been making profits since Q1 2020 despite COVID pandemic
2.Port division profit increase 33.83% in Q4 2020 compared to Q3 2020
3.Probability on listing of its port division by end of 2021
3.Resume MRT work progress with RM2.5 billion remaining work
4.High probability to win MRT3 package
5.monthly volume is the highest in history
6.NTA 3.12 (180% discount from market price)
7. Analyst price target range from RM1.21 - RM1.51
Source : WSJ.COM
Something is definetly brewing in MMCCORP

I personally think MMCCORP would benefit if it decide to list its Port division as the extra cash from listing can be use to pare down its debt and since cheap money is flowing everywhere in the world,it is the perfect time for MMC to list its subsidairy

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