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We are entering the 3rd month of year 2021. 1 year through the Covid-19, the equity market is still nowhere to be seen dropping below 1000 as the naysayers goes saying. In fact, US equity are going strong and breaking into new heights with trillions of stimulus injected into the global economy. The only way for you to stay in the inflation is to stay invested - in the right stock with growth prospect.

Healthcare stock are good in the long run. Company that diversify into healthcare industry (except glove) should be given attention as the medical needs will continue to rise with aging population.

The stock that came to my attention is PCCS GROUP BHD (PCCS - 6068). It is regarding their planned diversification to the medical industry with a strategic partnership with Shanghai Shenqi Medical, a medical technology company focusing in R&D of new medical instrument for treatment.


This venture is not a rogue decision as PCCS had already set up a company that will be dealing in sales, rental and repair of medical equipment in Singapore through the name - La Prima Medicare Pte Ltd in 2020.

What is so good about Shanghai Shenqi Medical Co.

Shenqi Medical is establised 6 years ago. Shenqi Medical has completed the R&D of a number of interventional products, including the detachable coil embolization system with fibrous hair, peripheral microcatheters, distal access (DA) guiding catheter, drug-coated balloon catheter used in coronary, left atrial appendage (LAA), etc. In addition, Shenqi Medical has about 10 products under development.

Two core products of Shenqi Medical have achieved good results. The independently developed drug-coated balloon catheter was approved by NMPA in December 2019, and another product, LAA, is in the clinical stage and is expected to be launched by the end of 2021.

Shenqi Medical just recently completed a USD 14million Series C funding for the marketing for their products.

Personally, I am very positive that the MOU between PCCS and SHENQI MEDICAL CO. will materialize and see a signing before the 30 June 2021 deadline. One of the reason is because of the company owner and the management team that is real businessman that will walk the talk. PCCS is owned by the Chan's family in Johor. From a track record of growing PCCS from just a garment manufacturing company into labelling, packaging and hot print with branded names under their belt is a proof of record.

Technical Outlook

The current price chart for PCCS is looking to see a breakout from consolidation point. The share is under good accumulation and will be looking on a positive upside with new diversification on healthcare industry.

Please be informed, I am not a professional or certified analyst. I am not a licensed consultant, just a normal retail investor. I am just sharing on my ideas and  opinion of the market outlook. Above materials are taken from original source as a referencing material. This is not a buy/sell/trade call. Please do your own research and buy at your own risk.

For latest information, can join us at
Blog https://targetinvest88.blogspot.com
Telegram https://t.me/targetinvest88


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