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What to know from the pictures above:

- Second Glove Factory in Kamunting

- 48 lines (1 single former & 47 double former)

- 48 lines will be producing 822.96 million gloves per month (9.8billion gloves per year)

- Every 100 pieces of nitrile gloves can be sold for at least USD$20 (according to ebay & not including shipping fees)


What else we need to know:

- The amount of capital needed to build and set up for second factory in kamunting.

- The time duration it will take to finish all 48 lines.

- The method to raise fund for setting up and build second factory in Kamunting.


What to know about AT management:

- Likelihood of more ESOS, PP, SIS or RI in the future.

- There is little to no chance that the company will buyback shares

- More likely to invest their fund into companies that are losing money in QR.

- They do not wish to answer most of their shareholder questions during any Q&A seminar and tries to cut it short.

- They are able to keep their promises regarding the date of completion for each glove lines.


Why share price movement of AT fall sharply:

- Negative Quarter Reports

- News of ESOS, PP, SIS & RI

- News related to Kenneth Vun & gang (Many thinks that SEC will investigate AT management if its true)

- Chart showing less or no bankers chips

- Glove counters falling


What could make share price movement of AT to rise sharply:

- Positive Quarter Reports

- Directors or company buyback shares

- No news regarding SEC investigation towards AT management after a long period of time (Means, there is nothing to investigate)

- Chart showing high volume of banker chips

- Glove counters rising

- Change of management to someone who is reputatable (good) with a strong sense of leadership


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