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AWC(7579) - King of Facility Management

1. AWC(7579) provides Facility, Engineering, Environmental, and Rail management services. 


2. Strong Order Book. To date, AWC(7579) already secured many project awards.

3. Good management. Despite their confidence, the management team do not over promise. Also they are confident to obtain an order book of RM950mil this year.



4. The recent HEADLINES will definitely BENEFIT AWC(7579).


After all the insiders and dirty technique to grab contracts are out of the way, we believe in the HONEST and COMPETENCE of AWC’s management ability to secure even more contracts.

5. Technically AWC(7579): To test new resistance.

AWC(7579) was positively traded last Friday with positive volume and price action. Once the Short Term Resistance of RM0.745 is broken, the next immediate resistance will be tested- RM0.930

With RM0.680 as the support, the Reward:Risk Ratio is appealing of 4.3 times



We strongly believe in the Near Term, AWC(7579) will break out from its short term resistance to Trend Higher, back by a strong order book, and potentially many future contracts to be awarded. Also, AWC(7579) would strongly benefit from the recent HEADLINE of the TENDER CARTEL gone

What will you do ?


DISCLAIMER: This post serves as an educational analysis and is never meant to be a buy/sell call or recommendation. Investors must always do their own due diligence before making any investment decisions. The author of this post is not liable in any way for any decisions made by any individual.


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