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I was in slow accumulation mode on JKGLAND, thinking the operator should not be pulling up so soon the price.

Unfortunately, last Thursday (2021 April Fool), along with other Land related counters, JKGLAND decided to go ahead and moved up.

I'm not sure if the operator will press down to collect more from weak bulls who bought in during that day, but what I know is I will definitely buy more if the opportunity comes because I got not enough tickets yet and this is so sad. Then, 

However, if the rocket decided not to pullback and directly go over 0.25, I wish all my fellow comrades all the best in making your good profits. And I probably will add on my position too. 


As a personal note, I put down below the points why I initially started my slow accumulation on this counter.


1. Huge Landbank in Kedah (More than 800 Acres).


2. Potential Incredible Landbank Revaluation Gain. See Point 4 below.


3. NTA @ 20210403 is MYR 0.22.

  • Revaluation from Point 2 above and Catalysts from Point 4 below may easily push NTA 3x to 5x which is about MYR 0.6 to MYR 1 in value.


4. Kedah Exponential Growth theme. From Rice to Rich.
  • Unless you have been under the stone for the past few months, you could have sense something big is underway for Kedah







5. Majority Shareholder is Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Hua Choon and Dato’ Sri Tan Han Chuan who collectively owned about 21%.

  • Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Hua Choon is also related to GPA Berhad and FCW Berhad.


  • GPA is a money losing company and it managed to fly to 0.33 from 0.065 before cashing out back to original price. Imagine what JKGLAND can achieve since it is most profitable company in the network. 


  • JKGLAND got some palm oil business as well, although marginally small.


  • JKGLAND Revenue and Profit grows fast. Good fwd PE, Positive ROE. Market Cap is only a meager MYR300M now at Price 0.13.


Too bad, I'm not in the mood to write lengthy marketing materials for JKGLAND. Still sad mood.


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