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隨著科技日新月異, 以下是科技, 人工智能成熟後可以取代的工種:-

原本工作職位 由科技/人工智能成熟後取代
收銀員 自動收銀螢幕
銀行櫃員 自動櫃員機/網上銀行
股票經紀 網上投資交易平台
翻譯員 網上翻譯軟件
資料輸入員 聲音輸入軟件
侍應生 機械人服務員
砌磚牆工人 三維打印建築預製組件
中學, 大學教師 網上各科教學短片

基於以上科技, 人工智能持續發展和成熟, 在投資組合中加入資訊科技, 人工智能類別投資以對沖未來原本工作職位被科技取代而失業的風險看來是 有需要的。

Due to the advancement of technology and artifical intelligence(AI), the following jobs may be replaced by technology and AI.

Original Jobs will be replaced by technology and AI
Cashier Auto touch payment screen
Bank Teller Auto Teller Machine/Online bank system
Shares transactions brokers Online investment transactions platform systems
Translators Google/online translators
Data inputs operators sound inputs software system
Waiter Robot waiter
Wall builing workers 3D printed premade building components
Secondary and college tutors youtube videos for various subjects

Base on the continuous development and mature of artifical intelligence(AI), adding information technologies and AI investment sectors to hedge against unemployment risks seems become necessary.


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