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IMPORTANT NOTE: Mr. Koon should look at this deeply undervalued counter.


I had noticed recently seasoned investors Mr. Koon Yew Yin has been really active in sharing his investment and life philosophies, which is especially true on the strong, bull-running commodities counter such as aluminium.




In fact, for the past six months, aluminium prices had soared by 29.50% and yet the companies are just being reflected in value just recently. The same goes for iron ore, which increased by 52.63% in price for the past six months.




This has proven that despite new waves of COVID-19 is coming up, the recovery of the economy is inevitable – China had recently announced that to enhance their infrastructure works, they would reduce the import tariff on steel bars. What does this tell us, or what is the next super-cycle that investors had not taken note of?


I would like to point out that ultimately, the consumption of commodities is merely a reflection of actual demand of the real economy. And as building material price acting up, construction sector is consuming them at a rapid pace – in other words, construction businesses are doing great.


Investors should note that our local industrial product companies had on an average scale – increased by 40.94% in share price where in the same period of time, the ultimate consumer – construction sector had only increased by 18.74% in the same period of time by comparison. In my opinion, there is value disparity here.



Interestingly, there are a total of 57 construction companies in total under Bursa Malaysia, and till date, 23 of these companies are losing money and resulted in a negative EPS, which in turn – displayed a negative P/E ratio. In my humble opinion, despite 2020 was a challenging year, if more than half of the construction companies are able to maintain their profitability – then these 23 companies must not be worth for us to study upon. Hence, I will remove these companies under my watchlist.



Being a value hunter myself, I would personally prefer companies with less than 5 times in PER for cyclical companies. And out of the remaining 34 companies, only 4 companies were qualified under this criteria.



It was truly interesting to note apart from AGESON BERHAD (KLSE:AGES), the rest of the 3 does have some one-off profit in their earnings. This would in turn boost their EPS and lowered their P/E – and after studying the prospects of AGES, I have to say I’m truly amazed by it.




Despite being challenged by the COVID-19, the company managed to show impressive growth apart from Q1 FY21. For Q2 – Q4 FY 20, the company had shown 346.26%, 15.62% and 67.28% in quarter-on-quarter growth, respectively. Are you able to locate another construction company with such stunning growth?


Moreover, AGES is now only trading at single digit PER of 3.37 times! This is more than 10 times lower than some inflated construction companies, who had up to 341.04 times in PER. The industry average PER for construction sector is now standing at 50.61 times.


I understand that there might be some questions on the company’s preference share – which I will be commenting on the next article. But in the meantime, I sincerely hope Mr. Koon would consider to invest in this deeply undervalued gem!


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