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Dear all,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the support over the years. This is the 7th year since I started writing publicly on companies and the stock market. For the longest time, I have taken pride on being one of the more objective and honest writer in the investment community. Sometime in 2020, I was offered an opportunity by AcePremier to write a financial book. I have given plenty of thoughts to it before deciding. 

To begin with, writing an article and writing a book is very different. I will admit authoring a book was definitely not in my plans at this juncture of my life. I still feel inadequate as there are much to learn every single day. I am definitely not a “Guru” or financial coach and have no interest being one. I am just a keen observer of the world of business, finance and economics. 

What made me changed my mind was the huge influx of new investors in the stock market over the past year at unseen levels historically. At the same time, the proliferation of scams, syndicates and operators resulting in substantial losses to retail investors stirred a strong urge in me to play a modest role in the investment community. 

Personally, the stock market have been an avenue of happiness and possibilities for me. I hope to see the stock market be a force of good for retail investors, their families and the society. With much humility, I would like to share my new book - Once Upon A Time In Bursa. 

The book is a simple read which is a culmination of stories and anecdotes about the stock market peppered with my own interpretation and experience. It give insights to the financial world and investing in the local context (Bursa) which I believe would be especially helpful to retail investors. I chose to present the book with stories and anecdotes as simplicity is memorable, whilst complexity is forgettable. After all, everyone likes a good story. If you are new to the stock market and don’t know where to begin, the book may provide some form of assistance.

On the cover of the page presents the crux of the message I hope to impart to my child. If my child grows up to read and understand the content in my book, I believe it would be significantly more meaningful and sustainable than leaving behind any form of monetary wealth or physical assets.

For those who are interested, the pre-order is now officially on the way. Feel free to click the link below https://www.modern.my/tradeview.html For pre-order, there will be a 10% Special Discount. The checkout discount code is attached here : TRADEVIEW10 . In addition, those who order above 4 books will be entitled to free shipping. Anyone who require additional information, feel free to email me at tradeview101@gmail.com Lastly, the book has been sent for printing and I expect it to be ready for delivery in 3 weeks.

Those who enjoyed my writings over the years and believe what I am doing is of a worthy cause, feel free share with a fellow investor in the stock market or a friend. For the journey I have taken albeit unconventional, is one of great adventures, joy and gratitude. Thank you all readers for making everything possible for me, a passionate student of the market. I hope the book would live up to your expectations. 

Best wishes,



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