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  1. It is in the waste oil, plastics/metals recycling business- Recycles waste into resins, gold, silver and other precious metals.  Oil price and precious metals prices are flying through the roof. Means better selling prices. This is evidenced by a sharp turnaround in profits since 4 quarters ago.

HHH is a commodity supercycle play!


  1. Private placement to finance palm oil waste recycling project in Pahang. Palm oil waste is a massive ESG problem to oil palm plantations. HHH is hinting at a recycling/renewable energy venture is the next catalyst for growth.

HHH is a renewable energy play, which solves plantations ESG problems!


  1. Management is young and dynamic, led by a 42-year old second-generation CEO, who is tired of a lacklustre-listed company full of potential.


  1. Valuation – Still trading below IPO price of 20 sen from 9 years ago. HHH is still trading at 20% discount below NTA of 20 sen. The company is almost debt-free.  A similar stock in its space and peer JAG is 4x HHH’s market cap, and has doubled in share price from Feb- June.

A quadrupling of HHH share price could see the stock achieve a blue-skies value of 48 sen from its pivot low, implying a 300% upside from current levels!


  1. Recent 20% private placement and 30% ESOS allocation to directors and senior management(!) , signals major corporate turnaround activity and a clear re-rating catalyst is on the horizon.

When insiders want to buy big, we must buy along with them!


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