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Koon Yew Yin 5 June 2021

There are 1,100 listed companies in Malaysia. For more than 50 years, I have been checking stocks every day for investment. I have not seen a better stock to buy than Leon Fuat. The table below is a comparison of all the steel, aluminium and gold stocks which shows that Leon Fuat is the best stock to buy. The easiest way to evaluate any stock is to divide the latest EPS with the share price to get the E/P ratio. 

This simply shows the amount of Earning per quarter you can get for every one Ringgit investment. Leon Fuat offers you the best return.  

Name Price Latest EPS EPS divided by price
Leon Fuat Rm 1.15  11.65 sen 10.13 sen
Choo Bee Rm 2.32 20.94 sen 9.03 sen
Prestar Rm 1.22 9.45 sen 7.74 sen
L. Steel 70 sen 5.47 sen 7.81 sen
Mycron 76 sen 5.75 sen 7.56 sen
Tomei Rm 1.33 9.93 sen 7.47 sen
Alcom 78.5 sen 5.51 sen 7.02 sen 
Melewar 56 sen 3.87 sen 6.90 sen
LB Aluminium  96.5 sen 5.99 sen 6.21 aen
Tashin 60.5 sen 3.51 sen 5.80 sen
Astino Rm 1.46 6.34 sen 4.34 sen 
Hiap Teck 51 sen 2.21 sen 4.33 sen 
CSC Steel Rm 1.67 5.91 sen 3.54 sen 
Press Metal Rm 5.21 2.55 sen 0.49 sen 

Back Ground

Leon Fuat Bhd is engaged in the provision of management services through its subsidiaries. It operates through three segments: Trading of Steel Products, Processing of Steel Products, and Others. It mainly involves in the buying and selling of flat and long steel products and also offers value-added services to flat and long steel products in the form of cutting, levelling, shearing, profiling, bending, and finishing as well as production of expanded metal and other segment includes steel materials such as tool steel and non-ferrous metal products such as bronze, brass, aluminium, and copper. It operates in two geographical areas; Malaysia and Republic of Singapore. The majority of the company’s revenue is derived from the Trading of Steel Products and Processing of Steel Products.

Leon Fuat share price is uptrend as shown on the  chart below.  

I must point out that that LB Aluminium, Alcom and Press Metal are dealing in aluminium. Tomei is dealing in jewelleries which you can buy online. 

I am obliged to tell you that Leon Fuat, Choo Bee and Tomei are my major investment holdings. I am not asking you to buy these stocks to push the share prices higher. But, if you decide to buy, you are doing at your own risk. 

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