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2 major takeaways from the past week on NWP Holdings Berhad:

1) DS Mak ceased to be substantial holder, disposal of shares in open market 

2) DS Nelson Kee acquired more shares in open market

There is a party who had inferred that it is a positive sign for NWP that DS Mak (the party who called for EGM to remove NSK and CBT from the board ) is no longer a substantial holder, probably because there is no more action to remove the current board. 

A more in-depth look would reveal the true unscrupulous nature of such claim. 

(When a party start to shout loudly "BUY SIGNAL APPEAR!!", somemore dunno what triangle la, golden cross signal la, banker chips potato chips, fibonacci ALL INDICATOR ALSO GOT!!! You know I know la hehe...)


1) RELATED-PARTY TRANSACTIONS: Acquisition of GS Realty by NWP from DS Nelson

GS Realty is in a mess of itself, with missing years of reporting and incomplete financial statements.

NWP announced on 6th May that it had entered into an MOU with DS Nelson to acquire his stake in GS Realty. This is a BIG RED FLAG for NWP shareholders: 

1) Target Company (GS Realty) has questionable financial health

2) Target Company is owned by the Group CEO DS Nelson, a related-party transaction

3) Another "foray into property business" media coverage that has been on repeat since 2016 when DS Nelson first joined NWP

There is zero credibility to such characters who announce MOU almost as frequently as they get involved in legal troubles. How can a company be managed by such incompetent management who has demonstrated negative track record for the past 5 years? 

When you know the company is getting into (for lack of a better phrase) DEEP SHIT, what you gonna do? Sell the shares and reduce your stake!! That is presumably the best reading of DS Mak's disposal of NWP, a clear sign of disappointment in the handling of NWP by the current board who used shamelss tactics to delay and adjourn a rightful EGM sanctioned by the High Court. 

There is no reason to own NWP shares when Nelson is taking NWP money to pay for his own GS Realty shares!!!


2) Private Placement & Share Issuance Scheme at 0.159 sen

After delaying the EGM via a baseless police report on Covid-19 SOP, the current board immediately announced a private placement and share issuance scheme at 0.159 sen

This is the 2nd reason why any rational investors would sell off NWP shares, because the crooks who are using company money to buy off questionable personal businesses are getting way cheaper shares at 0.159 sen versus the last traded market price! 

The open market purchase of 9m shares is just a public show to distract from the fact that sensible directors are leaving NWP and disposing shares after realizing the big trouble that NWP will soon face when they buy over GS Realty. 

A check with broker houses have confirmed that there are large blocks of NWP shares that are already due and the holders have no choice but to support the open market, to avoid huge losses upon collapse. 



NWP has been on a downhill slide since 2016. All the uncountable MOUs and press conferences, WHERE ARE THE REAL RESULTS?? Where is the REVENUE and PROFIT??

PN17 is the next destination for NWP if the current management and board continues to do monkey business. 

Property, motorbike, eCommerce, eWallet, seafood... There is no biz that NWP cannot think of when it comes to MOU, what a joke!!


The above summarizes WHY a substantial holder would want to EXIT NWP ASAP:

- Group CEO using company money to buy own personal business (with big accouting holes)

- Directors have cheap shares waiting to offload to market at low cost of 0.159 sen

- !!! Possible PN17 threat to NWP !!!



当有心人士不断的告诉你“买入讯号已出现!!", 什么三角形triangle pattern啦,黄金比例啦,banker chips啦,什么乱七八糟的indicator都般出来讲的时候..... 聪明的你,应该知道什么事了吧.

多年来如果有意愿,有能力把公司弄起来,不用到今天King of MOU如此凄凉的地步吧。



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