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YongTai Berhad (7066) vs Foresight of the vaccine market - Part 2



根據數據分析顯示, 我們可以明確認知 "疫苗接種率" 是 "新增確症病例" 下降的關鍵要素!


80/20 法則 (Pareto principle) 指出,約僅有20%的變因操縱著80%的局面。也就是說:所有變數中,最重要的僅有20%,雖然剩餘的80%占了多數,控制的範圍卻遠低於「關鍵的少數」。這概念不僅僅適用於經濟面, 管理面, 我們也能將此法則應用於國家防疫 / 抗疫重大事件中.


快速引進疫苗, 並建立方便且有效的接種程序, 充分應用政府以及私人界的力量與資源, 迅速提升 "疫苗接種率" 方是有效制止疫情繼續擴散的防疫措施. 記得, 提升 "疫苗接種率" 就是那能夠操縱著80%的局面的20%變因. 這樣才能夠讓國家的資源與精力得到最大化的應用, 在最短時間內達到抗疫的成效.


隨著 YongTai 分別取得以下兩項 approval : 
 - Medical Review Ethics Committee (MREC) approval
 - National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) approval
下一階段就是爭取獲得 Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) approval, 縮短 KCONVAC 疫苗在馬來西亞投入使用的時間. 這樣也將有助於馬來西亞的抗疫活動. 同時也是大環境的需求, Win-Win Solution.



According to data analysis, we can clearly recognize that "vaccination rate" is a key factor in the decline of "new confirmed cases"!


The 80/20 principle (Pareto principle) states that only about 20% of variables control 80% of the situation. That is to say: Of all the variables, the most important is only 20%. Although the remaining 80% accounts for the majority, the scope of control is much lower than the "critical minority". This concept is not only applicable to economic and management aspects, we can also apply this to major national epidemic prevention/anti-epidemic events.


Quickly introduce vaccines, establish convenient and effective vaccination procedures, make full use of the power and resources of the government and the private sector, and quickly increase the "vaccination rate" is an effective preventive measure to stop the spread of the epidemic. Remember, increase the "vaccination rate" It is the 20% variable that can control 80% of the situation. This is the only way can maximized the country's resources and energy, then the anti-epidemic effect can be achieved in the shortest time.


With YongTai obtaining the following two approvals:

 - Medical Review Ethics Committee (MREC) approval
 - National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) approval
The next stage is to strive to obtain Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) approval to shorten the time for KCONVAC vaccine to be put into use in Malaysia. This will also help Malaysia's anti-epidemic activities. It's a  Win-Win Solution.




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