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Important to point out that all steel stocks except Hiap Teck reported their results for quarter ending June. Hiap Teck reported its result for quarter ending April. It will announce its result for quarter ending July before end of September which should another record profit.

Among all the stock selection criteria such as NTA, cash flow, balance sheet, debt, cash rich, EPS etc the most important consideration is profit growth prospect. Only profit growth can push up the share price. For example, almost all the property development companies are selling below their NTA but their share prices continue to drop because they do not have profit growth. Always there are more sellers than buyers.

Profit growth is the most powerful catalyst to push up share price.

Only steel stocks which has good profit growth will continue to go up. All the steel stocks which reported reduced profit will continue to drop.

I took the trouble to tabulate all the listed steel stocks for comparison as shown below to help investors.



Latest EPS

Previous EPS


Hiap Teck

62 sen

4.8 sen

2.2 sen

Increased 118%


72 sen

8.5 sen

4.45 sen

Increased 91%


72.5 sen

8.5 sen

6.3 sen

Increased 35%


76 sen

9.59 sen

9.45 sen

Increased 15 %

Leader Steel

68.5 sen

5.01 sen

5.47 sen

Reduced 8%

Leon Fuat

Rm 1.13

9.76 sen

11.65 sen

Reduced 16%

Choo Bee

Rm 2.20

17.15 sen

20.93 sen

Reduced 18%


58 sen

4.13 sen

5.75 sen

Reduced 28%


53 sen

2.64 sen

5.87 sen

Reduced 32%


60.5 sen

3.9 sen

5.84 sen

Reduced 36%

Lion Industries

61.5 sen

Loss 1.4 sen

17.4 sen



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