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e-LATiH - thousand over free online training courses with cert by HRD Corp

e-LATiH - thousand over free online training courses with cert by HRD Corp

FYI, there is an online e-learning portal called e-LATiH by HRD Corp (formerly known as HRDF, under MOHR), which you can freely register for an account to enroll for a selection of 1000++ free online courses.

The URL of e-LATiH is: https://elatih.hrdcorp.gov.my/

This online e-learning portal is open to Malaysian and also non-Malaysian. Basically, everyone are free to use it without much restriction.

Categories of the courses, which could be either in English, Malay or Chinese, including:

  • Leadership or organisational development
  • Education, skills development or languages
  • Marketing and innovation
  • Management / business management and corporate governance
  • Public relations, customer service or communications
  • Purchasing, logistics, supply chain or electronic business
  • Process and operation
  • Quality management and productivity
  • Safety and health
  • Sustainability
  • Scientific or technical, statistics or research and development
  • Wholesale or retail or electronic commerce
  • Building, construction, maintenance or landscaping
  • Creative arts, journalism or entertainment
  • Digital technologies and digital transformation
  • Engineering
  • Financial services and financial technology

The courses are conducted in the form of pre-recorded video. Upon completion of watching the full video, you will be given a Certificate of Completion by HRD Corp. No examination is needed for most of the courses, while some courses may have assessments in the form of quizzes or short assignments.

You can start learning anytime, and complete a course at your own pace with no specific deadlines.


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