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Stock Analysis:  ELSOFT 0090 ELSOFT RESEARCH BERHAD (0090) [10-Apr-2023-Mon] Technical

Technology – Semiconductor Equipment

Technically, this stock is riding on the initial stage of markup phase, and most short to long term moving average lines are on uptrend pattern, approaching to cross up SMA200 line. The stock price is at higher high position breakout above RM0.615. This is an initial stage with higher low higher high chart pattern signifying a possible new trend pattern above SMA200 line. The daily+ MACD, DMI, and RSI oscillators are in supportive positions having the price stays above RM0.615 with much higher volume along the next uptrend movement. The OBV indicator is also in incremental momentum. However, if any pullback were to take place, the supportive range could be observed around RM0.615 to RM0.600 and ensure to position the stop loss below RM0.600.

Fundamentally, according to the latest quarterly report ending at Q4-Dec-2022, the latest 2 quarters’ net profit are in progressive growth from RM3.6mil to RM31.36mil respectively. The net cash flow from operating activities is around -RM22mil and the cash & cash equivalent is around RM11.2mil. The table on the left summarises most of the typical financial ratios for reference.

In particular, at the current price of RM0.635:

DY%=4.72%; PER=10.02; PBR=2.738; NAPS=RM0.210.

ROE=30.94%; GR=NetCash; DER-ST=NA; Piotroski-FS9=5.


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