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SCC (0158) - Holistic View of SCC with Fundamental Analysis & iVolume Spread Analysis (iVSAChart)

  • Listed on 3 August 2010
  • A component of the FBM ACE Index under the Wholesale Distributor industry
  • Market Capitalisation of RM 78 million
Background and Core Business
  • Specialty Distributors for Food Service Equipment Division (FSED) and Animal Health Products Division (AHPD)
  • FSED encompasses industrial grade kitchen equipment and solutions used in commercial food preparation i.e. Restaurants/Food Service Providers
  • AHPD includes antibiotic and non-antibiotic feed additives for livestock in feed mills and farms
Financial Brief and Ratios (Historical)
  • SCC (0158.KL)
    FY 2015 (RM’000)
    Revenue (RM’000)
    Net Earnings (RM’000)
    Net Profit Margin (%)
    PE Ratio (PER)
    Dividend Yield (%)
    Cash Ratio
    Current Ratio
    Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Revenue has experienced a y-o-y growth of +47.31% but net earnings growth experienced a contraction of -3.07%
  • Negative EPS growth also at -3%
  • PER is low for the industry average
  • Dividend Yield has declined by -30% y-o-y
  • The company’s gearing is net cash

iVolume Spread Analysis (iVSA) & comments based on iVSAChart software – SCC

  • This is the 1-year weekly iVSAChart of SCC indicating there was period of accumulation from Oct 2015 till Apr 2016
  • This was confirmed by Signs of Strength (green arrows) detected by iVSAChart software as early as Feb 2016
  • Price subsequently broke out from the trading range which dating back to since Sep 2015
  • However, there was no follow through from this breakout in Apr 2016 indicating no demand and price subsequently drifted downwards/sideways on low volume to test the previous resistance levels of RM1.90 - RM2.00
  • Traders/investors should start to take note if more Signs of Strengths emerge suggesting another round of hidden buying/accumulation
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SCC (0158) - Holistic View of SCC with Fundamental Analysis & iVolume Spread Analysis (iVSAChart)