AIRASIA (5099) - Can AIRASIA Keep Flying?

Bullish trend is started when after a breakout with volume from consolidation zone (1), until around end of April, AIRASIA is slightly fall below it neckline, but it station back on the neckline after one or two trading days. So, this is the first strong reversal signal from from AIRASIA. At 26 May, a long red is fell below 2.16, but it recover immediately after next trading days and thus the second strong reversal signal is appear. So far, I predict 2.60 is possible, and short term support is 2.4, so a counter like this usually ending with a bighead pattern.

In operation, (1) is the best entry point, because a bull trend will come after breakthrough from consolidation zone. Then, (2) is the second entry point, as of a strong flip right after neckline will able to surpass previous high usually. 

Observe from monthly chart, I predict a long-term trend will be about one and the half year sideways, support is 2.185 and resistance is 2.80. In other words, if unfortunate fall below the support, then the situation will turn into bearish. Otherwise, AIRASIA is keep flying!

自多空交战后,进入盘整然后带量突破(1),就开始了多头行情。一直上升到大约4 月尾,出现了破颈线,然而隔了一两个交易日后就马上站回颈线之上,这个是AIRASIA走势第一个强势翻转。在26/05,一根长红跌破了2.16,但是隔天居然大量回补,第二个强势翻转就这样出现了。目前我预测的涨幅会到大约2.60,而短期支撑就在2.40,像这样走势的股票,通常都是以一个大头部来做结尾,要不然大股东又怎么出货呢?

然后 (2) 就是第二时间点,在颈线上做强势翻转,后面都会越过前高。


AIRASIA (5099) - Can AIRASIA Keep Flying?