LIIHEN (7089) - Prominent investor now using Facebook to share his advice and hinting Liihen at high price

This prominent investor not using Klse i3 to promote his stock now. Instead he is using Facebook and website to find newbies victims. His latest articles keeps mentions about how he made his money by using margin financing. The readers do have to beware on his advise. This is a method for him to make more money for charity and make all the followers poorer. If you do hold some of his recommended shares, do consider to take comfortable profit as he may just sell it anytime when the price is right with delay announcement to Bursa. He don't hold his shares for long term and he seems to be repeating his articles again and again. The latest article encourage reader to buy VS. He said VS drop due to strengthening of Ringgit but in actual fact, he has disposed 44 million shares.
Beware on this market manipulator. From his share selection, Canone and Focus Lumber not doing well. There are many others not doing well which many experienced readers knew about it. Since Liihen is his only hope now, we don't know how high will Liihen share price go up and does Liihen profit is sustainable in the coming quarters? Its adviseable those who has gain substaintial paper profit on Liihen to realise the profit as its always a sign of this prominent investor to sell his shares when he start to mention about it again.
Prominent investor is hinting on Liihen now from latest posting on Facebook. We all know that he is a substantial share holder of Liihen. The price is peak now and he is hinting and encourage you to buy it. I think you know what I mean. When he hinting buy, that is the time he is going to sell.

Beware of his stock selection. He asking you to gamble on quarterly result. What if result not good? Gap down as seen on Focus Lumber.

Liihen at peak now. Is it still worth to chase high and hope that it will go higher and higher?

Asking us to buy VS again to push up price for him to sell his remaining shares.

He ask you to buy but he sold bulk of it.

Late announcement of shares disposal. So rich yet cannot hire people to file his shares disposal and give so much excuse. Anyway, the fine is just RM50,000. Small amount for him.
LIIHEN (7089) - Prominent investor now using Facebook to share his advice and hinting Liihen at high price