Lunch Date with an experienced investor

I met an investor ... he is one of my blog reader!! Glad I replied to his e-mail and met him.

He is a very experienced person in stock-investment ... seen 4 market crashes and from the way he speaks, he is a very nice and honest person. And he contacted me as he said ... from what he read, I m the very few who are honest (blogger) and good in my technical-analysis!! I blushed ... pai-seh ... such an experienced person told me that ... very motivating for me to prepare for coming crash!!

Lesson : Stay humble ... stay honest. One day, I will meet good human ... coming along to help me!!

I will write more about preparation of market-crash as majority retailers are not prepared. So ... according to him ... we are not far from crash. Sharp correction, he called it.

I have met many investors ... everyone has their own views about market-crash.

He mentioned BlackRock ... so, I came back and check it out.

Few pointers from him(a fundamentalist) :

1. Do not trade using margin-account as many have been wiped out during crash and most do not know how to manage it

2. Market is to crash in 2017 (predicting early 1H2017). So, hold cash at the moment. No upside at the moment.

3. Change MYR to SGD as MYR will weaken further ... while SGD vs MYR will strengthen.

4. Identify a THEME PLAY ... ride on it and get out before the trend changed.

5. Bearish in equities, commodities, fixed assets and properties.

6. Buy a stock as if you are buying into a company-biz. Check the management. Example PBBank as one of the best around. Dialog is another example.

7. Buy consumer-stocks and ... xxx (cant remember)

8. No need to buy blue-chips during crash, that is for fund managers.

----to be continued ---