Moving to trade US

Just updated :

well ... this is the best I could have at the moment ... created few pages, to categorise on things I m writing about. Then ... perhaps, when I have an update, I could just post the link here.

I just updated the DOW chart ... which I shorted at 17900 and closed my position this morning. I will want to create a US-group ... where I could spend my nights, focusing in trading only DOW-30 counters and DJIA.

To do it alone ... is boring and tedious. I m not trading options(not yet) but using CFD-platform for my US-stocks. So ... I will include those in my trading-group(KLSE) who might be interested in trading at nights ... US30.

GE : This is just an example ... if anyone good in technical charting, they could always LONG(buy low) or SHORT(sell high). Two directions of trading ... up or down also can. That is for TRADERS ... KLSE is not good for traders as we could only BUY stocks and hope to sell higher.

Hopefully ... I could get everything set-up to trade US-30-stocks by end of June.

Stock-Watch : For those interested to join my trading-group, do contact me.

Time to nap ... tonight got meeting.