UEMS (5148) & MINHO (5576) Is Looks Black Too

We must respect the market. The experience of the past three days "disaster" is enough to destroy those rising stock. Especially, UEM SUNRISE-ing turn into dark cloud cover; even like MINHO with corporate activity announcement that can push one more wave up also couldn't escape unharmed.

Now, breakthrough from UEMS become fake signal and I predict will maintain low band sideways, while MINHO retracement to the support but once broken will having the same way as UEMS. Anyway, both forms have been destroyed, Market instability make the stock looks badly. Well, I believe no exception for most of the counter.

必须要尊重市场。经历了过去一连三天的“灾难”,足以让一些初升段趋势的个股,完完全全被摧毁。UEM SUNRISE 明显的从Sunrising马上变成乌云盖顶;就算是夹着一连串企业活动的MINHO,在主力欲再推多一个波段,也难逃一劫。

UEMS 如今的突破变假突破,预计会维持一段低档横盘,而MINHO 却即将回撤
到前波段高点,一旦跌破又会维持跟UEMS 一样的走势。无论如何,双双的形态都已经被破坏,所谓大盘不稳,地动山摇,相信大多数的个股也没有例外。

UEMS (5148) & MINHO (5576) Is Looks Black Too