^V^ Airasia , from hell back 2 Heaven , sold all @ 2.68 ^V^

4 those who r still holding Airasia , I hv sold all my Airasia @ 2.68 this morning , not much making but at least something ^_-
Reason y I wanna 2 dispose it is bcos of mkt uncertainty couple with d likely interest rate hike .
Hence,  I choose 2 keep cash n stand aside .
U r advice 2 do so since we r having profit in hand liaoooo.....
As 4 XXXXXX n XXXX , keep under yr pillow , I am very sure u will be laughing all d way 2 bank ... it is only matter of time .
My call 2 stay aside from shares mkt is proven correct , look ard , mkt keeps dropping since mid of last year , how many of u guys making money   in past 12 months ?  any ? Except us ^_- LOL! 
Still d same old saying , sail with d wind , when there is nothing 2 do , do nothing ^_-
?????? nXXXXXX r worth 4 keeping , time will tell u whether I am right or not ? 
????? was once touched 0.38 last month , this bugger is another Myeg in making , keep under yr pillow ^_-