What it takes to get out of full-time job

Today is ... Thursday. Not a good day as I given back yesterday's profit to today's FCPO gap-up. But, gained back some points (16 points) from shorting twice FCPO at 2638 and then 2639. Doing nothing .... but a busy day in markets as KLCI rebounded.

I have been abandoning furniture play and O&G for a while ... but today, took the risk of entering into them. These are risky short-term rebound-play as ... furniture-sector was over-played (goreng few hundreds percent ... while O&G-sector down 50-70% for many counters).

It is a holiday for kids ... so, I m driving up tmr morning ... and seeing some members/friends on Sat night.

I am tired ... over-worked for past few months ... or was it years? But, I know I still have long journey to go ... venturing into biz and to be good trader!! Yeah ... the determination is still there.

It is so-so difficult to get out of the comfort zone ... very difficult. Very stressful as you will be doing things not common ... not according to 'rules' and opened yourself to be criticised ... ignored ... back-stab ... and even your closest person will doubt what you are doing!!

So ... it has been one long journey ... and my trading-adventure went through numerous times of ups-downs. It is extremely tiring ... when your closest people ... ignoring you and pour cold water!! Example ... when I started to be in KLSE ... I have to face my family who disapprove me GAMBLING. It is in their view ... trading = gambling. It is not ... we knew it, but due to lack of knowledge and most do not have experiences ... for MY own good, I have all the good advices!!

Wanting to get out of comfort zone? Out of employment and be own boss? Or ... be a trader, sitting at McD here (Taipan) writing a blog ... trading and waiting for FCPO to close at 6pm?

Too difficult ... in my case, the first EMOTIONAL obstacle ... NO support from closest people!! I have to keep quiet ... went into KLSE during the PEAK of end 2007 ... and crash of 2008, killed me ... almost. I would not dare to tell anyone in family/friends. They will be pointing to me ... I TOLD YOU SO ... don't dream, stay as a lecturer. That is decent job!!

Before one is excited to do-it-yourself ... quit our job, read some books or attended some courses ... telling us about the UNLIMITED freedom ... financially, time and space ... let us do some simple FACT checking. Sure or not? Are you persistent ... are you able to be ignored by everyone around and deemed as STUPID?

It is too RISKY ... but most of us knew that!! That is why most of people inside the comfort zone, right? Yup ... partially it is true. It is TOO risky ... going into trading or doing biz. Too difficult and risky. I fully agreed.

Yes ... let me share with all readers here ... we need DETERMINATION. I am talking about VERY very strong determination. For example ... when I created this blog(in 2008 ... market crashing, ok?), I told myself ... I will be a good trader ... one day!! So ... with that determination ... I moved on from one failure to another ... painful experiences etc etc ... so, we need to be SO DETERMINED that no one could talk us to ... QUIT. I guaranteed you ... that if those people around you seeing you failing, either they will try to advise you to QUIT ... or those bad humans around you will make fun of you, enjoying seeing you failing!! At least when you fail ... you will see how your friends are!! Haha ... so, I have ignored those humans ... over the years, DELETE them from my life.

If they are really a friend as they claimed, they will standby you ... encourage you and continue to support you ... giving you idea and how to improve. A listening ear will be appreciated, at times.

Sure you want to get out of your full time job ar?? The nice fixed salary ... where everything is fixed for us ... to stay comfortable ... end of month got salary, end of year got bonuses ... SECURITY of income ... that is INSANE.

That is my first pointer ... as I think I have many in my head. I have also knew many entrepreneurs and many bosses ... they are doing financially well. Some started when they were very 'young' ... in the twenties ... and also telling me their stories ... and I could only admire them!! I wish I m as strong as they are(emotionally and mentally strong) ... as I m too WEAK in both aspects. I could be easily 'bullied' ... 'influenced' ... and I will keep quiet ... move on.

While I said it is difficult ... and extremely challenging at first stage ... I did not say it is impossible. There are still 10% of people doing things DIFFERENTLY. It all depends on what we wanted ... and how we could achieve that we wanted to. But ... first ingredient to share ...


No matter what ... you need to wake up, work on things or issues. You need to do it yourself!! Yes ... one-leg-kick kinda person. When going get tough ... you need to get going ... to be tough.

Ok ... time to go for dinner. FCPO closed at high of 2643 ... no trading tmr as I will be moving up to Penang.

Have a nice day.