Advantages for People in 30s to Invest In Stock Market

If you are in your 30s to 40s, you have some of the advantages that those in their 20s and 50s do not have. Here are some we list out for you.
  1. More Capital
After working for years, there is more capital for people in 30s to 40s to invest in stock market. This is a great advantage as it provides enough liquidity to perform different investing strategy. With constant monthly income, a portion can be allocated to buy potential growing stock and good dividend stock. When price moves up, you can accumulate slowly until a level where you think it is too pricey. When price goes down, you can average down by collecting it slowly to lower your entry price. This is somehow difficult to perform for people in 20s as limited capital may draw their emotion and fear more towards cutting lose when they see a stock price declining.

  1. Better Network
People in 30s to 40s have better network when well managed. This is crucial source for information. Imagine you have close friends holding a manager position in a company that you are interested to invest or doing business with a company you are interested to invest, you can get firsthand information from them. The information mentioned here is not those related to the forbidden ‘insider trading’, but those basic info like what is the company’s culture, their recent sales activities, sector trend and so on. Their feedbacks are really useful in stock selection. Say if you see a company’s recent financial result is good, but your friend in the company tells you that their company has just closed down a few branches. This gives you clue on the near future prospect of that particular company.

  1. Understand Your Need
There is a saying by Confucius which goes ‘At Thirty, I Stood Firm’. People at their 30s to 40s are more sedate. They have set their life goal and started to build their confidence in the path they choose. This steadiness can help avoid many undesired trading acts in stock market. Understanding what you need is essential in maintaining a healthy portfolio. At the age of 30s to 40s, you already have an idea about your commitment towards your career, family, your own self-realization and many more. With proper financial planning knowledge, you know exactly where to put your wealth.

  1. Steadier During Volatile Market
At the age of 30s to 40s, you know how to position yourself in stock market. As you can’t monitor and perform frequent daily trade, you are more focus on those good companies that actually perform. Your exposure to highly volatile stock is lesser. To certain extent, you understand the value of a company you invest. So even when KLCI index decline aggressively, you are confidence to accumulate more of a particular stock. Your other advantages, like more capital and better network, also allow you to perform certain simple yet useful investing strategy during such market, such as average down. For people with lesser capital and high exposure to volatile stocks, a volatile market can influence their emotion easily and cause them to make wrong move.

If you are reading this article and you are in your 30s, don’t hesitate anymore.
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