post # 3382 : Blogging

My blog's pageviews hitting 2.2mil ... well, 1mil pageviews are from myself. Haha ... Average pageview per post is only 650 is I divide 2200535 with 3381. Actually, since i3 linked my posts to their portal, the pageviews decreased to about 100-200 per posts. Most of my readers will read from i3 these days, I think ... but old-readers read from their 'favourited' link.

click ... then, you will directly view from my blog. I have created pages (I m not sure if that could be read from i3/tradesignum as I no longer there.

Anyway, thanks for being my readers ... especially those been with me for years, being supportive and appreciated my sharing. As long as I m still in markets, I will blog about markets. As I m into tuition-biz, I will blog about that. And currently my focus is to prepare for market-crash, I will blog on that.

That is blogger ... we blog about things we are doing. To me, even without a single reader (haha), I will still blog. Don't understand, right? Never mind ... because you are not a blogger!!

I do not start a blog to attract readers ... I m a blogger since some 15yrs ago, way before I m in markets or trading. But ... after few years of blogging about KLSE and markets/finances, I do know I have followers .. of coz I attracted haters and those disgusted about what I m writing (which makes one to wonder why they are reading something they dislike! stupid, right?) ... so, I m a person who

Ambil yang jernih ... those keroh-readers, let them be la.

I m blogging not to please anyone. If you are reading these ... ask yourself : WHY reading my writings?

Not everyone could blog ... especially in daily basis. I m not a writers ... or authors ... I am a blogger. How to explain the differences?

Why am I not writing a book? Because I REALLY dislike structured systems, rules-regulations, datelines ... even if one is paying me to write, I could not do it well ... it will not be natural-la.

I never pre-plan my blog postings ... it is LIVE as it is ... like now, I m at mamak-shop(aircond) while wife going for some shopping!! And ... oopsss ... my Tunepro just sold at RM1.65 done. See ... as I m writing here ... I hv to inform my stock-watch group that my queue to sell TunePro is done.

Time is 11.30am here ... 'live'.

If you check my previous posts ... I used to put time-frame ... exact time!! That time, I could post it ... and then update anytime I wanted and it will be refreshed. But ever since I knew that once I post it ... even half way done, i3-portal will not refresh my updates ... so, I have to complete the whole post or to start a new post later ... say, I want to write a new post at night!!

Anyway ... I have 'adjusted' my likings and the way I blog ... to make it a little less irritating for some of my demanding readers. Sorry-la ... itu grammar still no good ... me Malay-ed, Inggeris not so strong ... try-try my best here, ok?

There are people who blog ... with personal-agenda ... and they could employed ghost-writers ... as they wanted to send messages to the public for whatever reasons. One of the most popular blogger is Dr M ... yes, our ex-PM. His blog-posts generating millions followers!!

When will I stop blogging? Hmm ... I don't know ... and I don't think so I will stop?

After I retired from trading (hopefully after the crash), I will blog about my charity-activities and also my travelling(on my big bike) whole Malaysia ... aiming with a camera to share experiences!! Wait till I change the whole 'trading aventure' to ... my "retirement adventure" ... haha. I know what I m doing ... and what I like doing. I enjoy being myself ... sitting here to blog!!

How about this one? Kawasaki ... or should I consider HD?

I do have plans ... working for my dreams. I have dreams ... and I will continue to work hard for that. If I could not afford to buy those bikes, I m still 'ok' to travel the nation with smaller ones!!

I am easily content person ... see? that is the 'trick' to be happy, I guess.

Ok ... happy reading or not ... the choice is yours. Have you found the answer to the question I asked just now?

Why are you reading my blog ar?

Have a nice Tuesday ... I have to run.