GADANG (9261) - Gadang - Prominent investor asking you to chase high again. For him to sell?

GADANG (9261) - Gadang - Prominent investor asking you to chase high again. For him to sell?

Today, prominent investor come out with a post saying Gadang is showing a strong buying signal. I am wondering on how come this old man now interested in looking at the chart. He mentioned in his posts before that he don't really trust chart but somehow now believing in chart. All this while, his investing philisophy has been on value investing which is to buy low sell high. But somehow he changed now. Do be careful of this prominent investor buy call. He is showing chart for his advantage after he has accumulated enough shares to sell. He always target good company for his campaign so that he can make up tons of story to convience you to buy. When he start mentioning, its a clear sell signal. If you haven't buy, do be patient to wait a while for the stock to correct a bit before enter. Do not chase high on his kind of buy call. When share price at high, you will just give more opportunity for the directors to dispose their shares. Look what happened to Liihen. So much disposal from directors.

Another thing that I noticed is why his name does not show up as substantial share holder list in Bursa announcement as he claimed he has a lot of Gadang shares now? Is he using nominee account to purchase or he will be reporting late again? As a substantial share holder, he should not even publishing about his shares or even promote it as it can be viewed as trying to manipulate the share price.

What is his motive of promoting his share now if not for him to sell? Prominent investor is a well known weak holder and sell as soon as the price is peak, so good luck if you still want to chase high.
Some of the substantial share holder start disposing. Now is the time to distribute to retailers (suckers). Will 10th Aug 2016 be the starting point for Gadang share disposal? Lets wait and see...

Lets compare that with Liihen. Its incredible that many directors start disposing. Do becareful. Liihen share price already high. If this quarter don't do well, the fate will be gap down in share price. If Liihen share price can still go up to the moon, why most of the directors dispose their shares?

Do take note that this prominent investor promoted Liihen and ask investor to chase high at RM3.30. See it goes sideway after that. In this case, don't chase high. Its not 100% that it will be going up exceeding RM3.30. But he said still cheap. If investing in stock is as easy as looking at the PE number, everyone will be millionaire by now.

Where is the action?

GADANG (9261) - Gadang - Prominent investor asking you to chase high again. For him to sell?