My stock performance over last 1 year (moneySIFU)

Things are always tough & life has never been easy all the time. The only way is trying to live happily and wisely.
Invest in stocks are never easy too, I have been trying to look, listen, read, study & make judgement on all news & reports to see how things are going.
Luckily enough, I have never made any killing mistakes in the past, but also sadly for never made full use/gains from the markets in those dark days (1998 & 2008).
When I look back over my past 1 years investing activities, sometimes I feel lucky too, because I know even how hard we have done our homeworks, we never know what will happen next.

The following are my stock performance records for the past 1 year:

Small Note: I was not active in stock market since 2009 & had kept ICAPITAL only, that earned me a handsome return of 15% for almost 8 years, what a great job by so called Malaysian WF!!!
Meanwhile, my unit trusts in Public Mutual Funds had double the amount for the same period of time.

Current Stocks in Hand:

Don't follow my stock selection as these might lead you go to Holland and yum cha with Abang Duit there. ٩(^‿^)۶

What had I missed?

1. I bought KESM @ RM3.92, sold at RM4.30  (Now RM6.65)
2. I bought Penta @ RM0.63 & sold at RM0.69  (Now RM1.05)
3. I bought Airasia @ RM0.95 & sold at RM1.30  (Now RM2.95)
4. I bought AAX-WA @ RM0.075 & sold at RM0.17 (Now RM0.28)

None of my stocks were lasted in my hand for more than 4 months previously, so the above were big misses to me. Now, I change my strategies to hold more than 6 months to see how is the return then. So wish me GOOD LUCK! \(^-^)/
(My Watchlist:

All the above are merely for sharing purposes and for fun only.