POKEMON GO - How to monetize the boom of Pokemon Go ? Here are 2 opinions from Bonescythe

POKEMON GO - How to monetize the boom of Pokemon Go ? Here are 2 opinions from Bonescythe

Pokemon Go had taken the world abuzz with a new gaming style and experience by incorporating the augmented reality into the game play. This game is addictive, and nostalgic for many of the young adult in their late 20s even to early 30s. Well, I had to inform that I am once an avid Pokemon fans too during my childhood.

While the scale of the influence in this game on spurring the economy is still unknown, it forces people to literally get out of their home in order to advance in the game. Player need to head to PokeStop to reload items, walk around to catch wild Pokemon and hatch eggs, go to Pokemon Gym to battle against player. With this being said, it had open up vast opportunity in new business idea that can cater some niche services to this market.

So what are some of the cool business that we might be able to do to monetize this booming moment?

1.) Bicycle Rental Services
If you are doing this business in some recreational area, that will make good sense. If you are doing this in scorching hot city, that will be a joke. However, since there are a huge market of player playing this game, that could put this idea to run again

Walking from Pokestop to Pokestop will definitely be tiring and slow. However, taking a bicycle and ride along will definitely give the game playing feel much more better. After all, Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon series do get his bicycle after some time in the game too.
Some of the cool spot that had a big number of Pokestop will be able to see good demand in bicycle rental service. Places such as KLCC park, Zoo Negara are definitely going to be superb location. To make this user friendly and pick up the demand, bicycle is advisable to be installed with phone and power bank holder. For safety purposes, operator also can provide rental of safety gears for hot places such as SS15 in Subang.

2.) Manufacturing cafe table with USB Charging ports
If you dislike a small scale business like bicycle rental, then this would probably come to your liking to make it a big business. I had to admit that I had this idea for quite sometime in my mind, and had been thinking to pattern and trademark this idea. However, with a pair of hands and legs and limited knowledge in design, I am now sharing this idea out and leave it out to whomever that can see the potential demand of this product and interested in developing it further.

This idea caught me when I frequented cafe and eateries that do provide electric charging port mounted on wall. I believe, many of the port are either too high, or too low, or too far, or spoil. It is basically not practical at all. Imagine most of the USB cable is approx 50 cm long, that will sound quite inconvenient to the user. A table with USB port will make definitely give an good lasting impression to customer, making them likely to come again for whatsoever reason to charge their dying phone. For those cafe that are near to Pokestop, that will be brilliant for customer to sit around, put in a "Lure Module" and activate "Incense", enjoying sip of coffee and catching some Pokemon with friends with their phone powered on the table with ease. Don't you think this is amazing?

Since there is no such product in the whole global market (as of my own current knowledge now), the potential is definitely very huge. If a local furniture listed manufacturer is willing to take up this idea, you can thank me by telling me to invest in your company. Well, on the other hand, if want more creative idea, I do still have some more, and don't mind working it out with serious manufacturer.

Well, above are just my opinion that I think is practical. For a normal layman, bicycle rental services is quite easy to manage. But for big businessman with manufacturing capabilities, why not try something new to test the market out? After all, I am quite convinced that cafes are willing to buy this table and try.

Cheers and have a nice week ahead.

POKEMON GO - How to monetize the boom of Pokemon Go ? Here are 2 opinions from Bonescythe