Post #3458 : Crashing on books

8.15 pm : I m resting at home now ... Sunday is a rest day. I brought my family to National Library (after since 2011)

I m glad as I managed to borrow few books related to market-crash books!!

This will be my one-month reading ... need to wake up 5am to read these and do some homework --- preparing for exams!!

Click the chart above to enlarge. This is a chart for BULLISH camp ... crushing those gloomy-bear camp .... nailed it. haha.

In 2012(I think), I attended TTB's invest-talk at KLCC during the InvestFair ... and he was very bearish ... stating that market is not cheap and the economies are in bad shape. I disagreed to him and still fully invested in KLSE and in fact started my trading group!

Today is 2016 ... I will slowly read Icap's newsletter again ... yes, I m using some common-sense ... then, it tells me that it is time to be cautious. Take 50% off from market.

Rest ... read ... and prepare.

Ok ... will have an e-meeting tonight since I m 'free'. My one hour is still very precious ...