Weekly Update

Dow (18,552)

Dow is forming its mini wave 2.

FBMKLCI (1,687)

If KLCI is going for a shallow correction, it should start to move higher next week to form its mini wave 3.

But if it is going to have a higher degree of correction, it will continue to move lower to around 1,670 level to form its sub-wave iv.

Felda Global Ventures Holding Bhd (Rm 2.29)

If the next pullback for FGV is another one day affair, it is forming the mini wave iv as shown below.

And if the next correction is about 10%, it is the sub-wave iv.

EG Industries Bhd (Rm 0.895)

EG is about to end its mini wave 4 correction.

Insas Bhd (Rm 0.66)

Insas formed a long-legged doji last Friday, is it going for a reversal?