Top 7 Investors in the World, 4 are from Malaysia. Warren Buffet No.7

World Top Seven Investors. If you read their track records, excellent job done. I wish my return can come close to these seven top investors in the world. Still have a lot to learn from them.

Number Seven.
Warren Buffett. He made more than USD60 million for the past 50 years. I think that excludes billions that he has donated away. Great investor for so many years.

Number Six.
Although we always hear of Warren Buffet, but he lose to Carl Icahn. He is an American business magnate, investor, activist shareholder, and philanthropist.From 1968 through 2011, Icahn grew his original $100,000 investment in his firm at a 31% annual rate, while Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway had "only" a 20% annual growth rate.

Number 5.
But both of them still lose to George Soros in ONE SINGLE DAY CATEGORY. His September 16, 1992 transaction, when he made a single-day gain of $1 billion dollars.

Number 4
But Soros loses to a Malaysian guy by the name of Mr Dummy who made 107%profit in 2015. Soros only increased from USD23 billion to USD24.9 billion, a mere8%.

Number 3
But Mr Dummy loses to moneySifu who made more than 20% in 2016, while Mr Dummy is making 8.5% lose in 2016.MoneySifu is a Malaysian.

Number 2
But moneySifu loses to a pretty lady called Michelle (not her actual name), a branch manager who I met in an optical shop last weekend. She is a Malaysian too. She made 87% within two months from 1000 units of JHM stock worth RM720 and sold RM1350. Her brother in law suggested her to buy JHM.

Number 1.
Who is the best? Michelle's brother in law? Her brother in law is only driving an old local car. He is a Malaysian.

The list can go on and on. Therefore:

A)Don't compare and be sad/envy. Compare and see how we can be improved, should be happy. Learn from them.

B)Don’t WORSHIP great investors.

1) Those who made high percentage, maybe invested smaller amount than you, just like Michelle.

2)High percentage may be just selected years. Look at Mr Dummy 107% gain in 2015, negative 8% this year while many are making good profit in 2016. Great investor, but maybe he has no time to look for new stocks or review his stocks and hold on too tight. Have learned a lot from him.

3)For those who made high percentage % and invested a lot, they still lose to Warren Buffett, because Buffett made more money than anyone. But Warren Buffet lose to Carl Icahn. And the winner is Michelle’s brother in law who is driving an old local car. The circle keeps continue until no end.

4)Some make 60% from their spare cash, but you make 17% from your total portfolio. You are better.

5)Some invested almost all their net-worth and made 16%, whereas yours only part of your net-worth and made 17%.

6)Some are from rich family, the first trade is already RM20,000. Whereas some started with RM800.

Great investors have their own weaknesses. Learn from them, but don’t worship them.

When am I rank? The world has 7.4 billion people now, and I’m rank 3,700,000,001. Slightly above average.

Stock Market is a good place to make money. Happy Investing.