Why I Am Not Sexy?

Why I Am Not Sexy?

Many will feel that I am not sexy. Yes, most of the time I am not sexy. But sometimes I can be sexy.

The stocks that I bought and hold are not sexy. They are mostly slow, not popular and not high in volume. But as long as I can make good profit, I don't need sexy stocks. Many of the stocks that I've bought achieved 100% gain or more.

Take a look at Arsenal football club under Arsene Wenger. No offence to Arsenal fans, just making comparison. Arsenal last won the premier league was in 2004, and now more than 12 years playing so-called sexy football but without any league titile.

Look at Mourinho. Many said he parks the bus and play defensively; look at his league titles. 6 league titles in the same past 12 years. He can be sexy too. His Real Madrid broke the record of highest goals scored in the Spainish league La Liga in 2012. Scored more goals in a season than Messi's Barcelona all the years before.

What is my objective? Trade and contra in sexy stocks not sure can make money or not, or invest in stocks (sexy or not no problem) that generate good profit? My objective is simple, good profit. Good dividend stocks are not sexy because not many people will realise.

Sometimes I am sexy too. 2.5 months ago I contra TGuan with profit as shared in my facebook the same day I bought. I seldom contra, but when opportunity come, I will contra and be sexy. Another reason is also I normally don't share if I am sexy. Those sexy trades are short term and before I have the time to share, I may have sold. If I've retired, maybe I have more time to show my sexiness.

For now, looking for sexy girls, not here. But if those who are looking for non sexy ladies for long term, you may find some info here.

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