Mr  CP Teh: all the below charts are based on EW and fibo. I am looking at retracement from now on..  if it really retrace or plunge.. please DO NOT write those counting wave 1 2 3 will be killed!  cuz u see... wave 123 anticipate it liao!

It took me 2 to 3 hours to produce this article.. your blogging speed is amazing. 

CSC STEEL:  On daily, wave C is approaching 1.618 of A. M30, divergence on chart.  watch support at 1.645.

MYCRON : wave c of C hit 1.618 fibo. Divergence on M30. Break of 0.845 will cause more retracement.

YKGI : 1.618 Fibo achieved. Divergence on H2. Watch support at 0.335

Masteel: wave C hit 0.786fibo.divergence on H2.  watch support at 0.75. I am not that hopeful it will try 1.0fibo at 0.88

Emetall : 5 waves done. watch supportat 0.765 

Current steel play theme might take a break. Trade tight! Guys .. I dont look at eps,FA, cash flow and etc. This is purely TA. Its okay if u dont agree with my view.

Any contrustive and not so constructive comments are welcome.

Added 14-9-2016 3.30pm

MELEWAR: wave C hit above 1.618 of wave A. watch support at 0.54

disclaimer: charting are based on EW and Fibo for  educational purpose.