Summary of August 2016

Our FBMKLCI seems to be ready to have a budget rally. Our PM had invited inputs from the Rakyats for 2017 Budget[1]. As seen in The Edge Financial Daily today,some research houses projected that the Budget 2017 will be like election budget as the next Malaysia General Election is due in 2018. Therefore, the budget will be more people-eccentric, focusing on measures to ease concerns of voters like easing the rising cost of living and raising income level[2]. As of today, there are no specific dates for the Bajet 2017 announcement day.

Below table is the announcement dates for previous for Malaysia Budget. I think our PM will be announcing it on the last Friday of October, which is 28 October. Let's wait for more coverage from the news. Previously i had written a blogpost about the Malaysia Budget 2016 - When is the right time to Ride the Wind, click here.

Announcement Dates for Malaysia Budget [3]
Below table is my Gainvestor Portfolio for August. This statistics does not mean anything, it does not mean any hold/buy/sell decision, it is just to summarize and track the Gainvestor Portfolio.

Summary of Gainvestor Portfolio for August 2016
Ribena and Lucozade
Personally YEELEE is an mid term stock. Recently, YEELEE had just obtained a new distributorship contracts from Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. to distribute Ribena and Lucozade for 3 years. YEELEE will reap up around RM200 mil from Red Bull alone. Plus the Ribena (favourite drinks among children) and Lucozade (energy drink), i think this year's revenue and net profit will be higher.

Try to look around, amount of people consuming Ribena in Malaysia... And if you are already a shareholder of YEELEE, what will you feel when people are drinking your company's distributed product =P

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The Gainvestor Sharing Session in Miri dated 1 & 2 October 2016 is CANCELLED due to unforeseen. But instead, i am replacing it with a free stock investment sharing session. For KL session, the session is still available, please click HERE. If there are not enough participants for KL session, i will call it off and wait for better time. 

[2]: The Edge Financial Daily dated 26 September 2017.