Mission: Picking right (winning) stocks every time.

 Game mission: Picking right (winning) stocks every time.

Objective: Building up skill in picking the right stocks.

Price Range: Stocks below RM 1 (starting capital RM3700).


1.      Screen price stocks Max RM 1 (http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/).

2.      Paste in excel.

3.      Sort and delete zero market cap and zero volume stocks.

4.      Sort volume, keep top 250, top volume stocks and delete the rest. Inactive stocks most probably not in the speculator's list.

5.      Check stock charts one-by-one and exclude inactive stocks.

6.      Set support, resistance, breakout point and buying price by simple divergent lines.

7.      For each targeted stock, get VWAP value for benchmark ((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lUZ-rL8G3Q).

8.      Monday through Friday, see if picked stocks go up. If not, find out the reasons why.

9.      Through the whole process, remember the question “Which counter can make money for me?”

10     Update (re-sort) every week / month.

Is this too tedious for you? If you said wtf or yes, I have 10 other easier methods to pick stocks, very commonly used and is proven to succeed very several times. The methods are as follows:

1.      Main taram method (randomly pick stocks). Can be assisted with a dice.

2.      Stocks rumored to go up / limit up in KLSE stock forums and blogs.

3.      Stock recommendations by phofesyenal analysts.

4.      Pick, hope and pray method for stock picking.

5.      Use FA method (may not go up if not in speculator’s list).

6.      Select stock codes according to plate number of motor vehicle accidents.

7.      Pick flavor of the month method (O&G, steel, construction, plantation, penny).

8.      Pick cheapest stock and wait 1-5 years for speculator to push limit up.

9.      Pick politically linked stocks months before the general election.

10.  Pick previous day most active / gainer stock.

Well, there you have it! You can try this at home, just remember that it’s your money and you decide what to do with it. You can even skip all this stock & share, bull & bear thing and renovate your house into a high end condo with a swimming pool or have parties every night or go touring in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia, Europe or the Americas (or even local cuti-cuti Malaysia, it’s okay). Hooyay!