3. Stock price catalyst
4. For lazy readers just scroll to the bottom, and I will have a summary. Don’t everything be like TLDR (too long didn’t read). 
1.      Long Term Wise, form its listing date up to current date (using a monthly Candle Stick), we can see Higher Highs, and Higher Lows

2.Historical behavior of the stock (using weekly candlestick)
It is a cyclical stock, easily seen from chart. Every time it crosses its 20 MA, it will tend to go up trend in a very bullish way, along with the spread of news.

3.      Zoom into the Short term using daily candlestick, analyzing one year period. 

From past experience, when where is a constriction in the Bollinger Band, and then and expansion, this stock will EXPLODE like a raging bull.
And recently(11/10/2016) it gap down to wash and scare off weak holders, hit its lower Bollinger Band support, and bounce up. Clearly telling us that: you shall rise from where you fall and believe me or not, I think it is on the rise now.
Enough of technical analysis, here are some FA from my point of view on this stock which I think will cause the stock to FLY.

PRESBHD constantly received project from our government in developing EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE
The share holdings are clearly depicted as below:

It has 23.72% a healthy level of floating, and healthy volume of outstanding share of 483M.

The top 30 shareholders are: 

You judge for yourself. A lot of fund houses are holding the share. Also look at the top 15 shareholders, and ask yourself these questions:
Who are they? Where are they from? Who are they related to? Why is this company constantly getting projects? What is the hot topic which will has already begun in Malaysia? Election. Election needs funding for campaigning, where are the cleanest source of money coming in from, without tax? Why has GLCs (Government Linked Companies) been on the move?
As for election, recently there has been news about the regulation which removes the maximum spending cap used for election. In my point of view, it is like who has money who win lah. In the end, everybody just draw tortoise head !
Anyway I do not want to dwell too much about the shareholding as it is just google information.
This share’s quarterlies are as shown:

Despite the Net profit decreases due to imposed taxes, Revenue has been increasing since Q3 2015. This only means that the demand for their service has been increasing.
PRESBHD quarterlies as 31st DECEMBER 2015: 

The EPS during 2013 is high but they have lower cash.
At the end of 2015, their EPS is about 1/3 of 2013, however the cash they doubled. The decreased in EPS are mainly less net profit due to the imposed tax.  Well they have so much cash now, what are they going to do about it? They are currently investing into the projects they have received which are the:
1)     SKIN
2)     PPP
3)     ESBLA
Following are news and reports from research houses:

This snapshot is dated 12/10/2016

Public bank: 26 August research states OUTPERFORM. Skin Project On track. Education is a stable business.  Roll-out of programme delayed (meaningnext quarter report will be NICER) 

The Edge: Target price of 2.82


Link is here: for the above screenshot.
MYEG and DATASONIC ALREADY MOVED, Prestariang baru start engine, why ? Because of skin project? Also noticed that DSONIC did not move much? I think it is the fund of the insiders shifted to PRESTARIANG as they knew that PRESBHD managed to grab the SKIN project, whereas DSONIC maybe just do some smaller project to aid the Immigration Department.
Besides SKIN project they have another TWO project which are the
1.      Public Private partnership (PPP) which is to provide IT infrastructure and technical support for two polytechnics, offering in marine engineering and digital creative design.
2.      ESBLA. (can be read in the Public Bank research report.)

CIMB asks to ADD

Even Nanyang wrote something about them (presumably good if not it will be on the papers haha)

Stock price catalyst
SKIN PROJECT : Sistem Kawalan Imigresen National

SO what is this SKIN Project ?

SKIN Capable Of Detecting Entry Of Blacklisted Individuals, (Malaysiadigest, 2015)

In the dawn of this era where crimes are all over the news, and Malaysia’s Immigration department IT system is close to 20 years old and it is time to revamp the IT infrastructure through SKIN, (CIMB).

Home Ministry secretary general Datuk Seri Alwi Ibrahim said SKIN, which would full be operational by January Next year, will also improve effectiveness of the immigration delivery system.

Immigration director general Datuk Mustafa Ibrahim  presented the letter to Prestariang Berhad Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abu Hassan Ismail.
Statement from above I would say supports my hypothesis that PRESBHD had SUCCESSFULLY managed to OBTAIN the SKIN project, whereas DSONIC would only give minimal support to the Immigration Department. 

The target price after SKIN project announcement is made I would see it going to at least RM 2.70, where as when market sentiment is good, it will reach a price of RM 3.27. Public Bank has a target price of RM 2.43, Cimb has a target price of 2.82. It is also in the top pick lists for CIMB and RHB investment Bank for small-cap stocks. In addition, Prestariang Berhad main business is also on educational services which will be in line with the Budget 2017, hence having an impact.
The price has already begun, we who do not have any insiders or syndicate friends, must be hardworking. Using Mosaic Theory, I therefore come to a conclusion in from the movement of the stock price, I believe they (insiders and syndicates) know when the exact date for the announcement of the SKIN project, which will cause a spike in volume and price. After that then many scanners only will detect it, then the insiders/ syndicates only sell their ticket to you. So since we cannot outsmart them, and it is logically unwise to go against them, why not ride with them?
To support my statement just, look at this:

Mohamed Yunus Ramli Bin Abbas has been the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Prestarian Berhad since 24 march 2016. And see what did he do recently

YOU DECIDE what will you.
Also not forgetting the major shareholders. With election theme in play, this might be a hidden counter to “raise fund”. After all, you help me I help you (Shhhhhhhhhhh).
** These articles and charts are provided for information only and should not be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any of the instruments mentioned herein. This is just my personal view, and please no flamers / haters ^^ ultimately, the decision to buy or sell is based on your own judgement. I therefore hold no responsibility for the decisions you made.