GUNUNG (7676) - Gunung Capital Berhad: Not a PPAP, but PA in Gunung

GUNUNG (7676) - Gunung Capital Berhad: Not a PPAP, but PA in Gunung

Today I am going to share to you on how to apply "Personality Analysis" in the upcoming mind blowing stock for 2017.

Of course, there are a lot of well known investor in the world. High profile names in the equity market like Warren Buffet, Jesse Livermoore do not need much introduction. On the local Malaysian scene, there too are a few mention like Koon Yew Yin, Fong Si Ling nicknamed Coldeye and Dr Neoh Soon Keat.

So if today I am going to write about all this well known people, I will be wasting your time reading all these information because all their tactics and investing fundamental are already well known to the majority public. In fact, most of their investment method are well easily available in book stores and even online. For me to write and publish them here will be altogether redundant, and I would dare to take it up as you will agree to what I am saying, right?

Liken to my stock pick, I would always like to pick on something that is not heated up so much in the market.

So let me show you some proof of my picks based on the recent heatedly discussed counter

1. Gadang
This is a much over heated discussed and debated counter in 2016. Due to the fact that Koon Yew Yin had publicly promoted this company on it's future prospect. So what about me?

On the 5th of July 2013, I had written on Gadang - Ripe for Ride. That time, Gadang is just RM 0.80. You would be saying, I could be just lucky to be able to poke my nose here. But I am here to tell you that all these are no luck, because I am well involved in some sale and marketing of Gadang project. I am involved in the sale of the maiden project of Gadang - The Vyne at Sungai Besi. Block A was fully sold internally by staff and their relatives, and Block B is fully sold in just 2 weeks to the public. Back then, prices are selling at 500 psf, but the frantic buyers are rushing just to buy with eyes close. Due to the fact that a few of my friends are in construction line, they informed me that at RM 500psf, the real construction cost is just 50%. And that is the time I took Gadang seriously, and gave him a good ride with long term TP RM 1.50 to RM 1.80.

However, due to the fact that Gadang plan for bonus issue, the counter got over hype and shot through RM 3.00 in 2016.

Of course at the high price of RM 2.00 and RM 3.00, I will not ask people to invest in Gadang already. Albeit the heated discussion and promotion, that is just not me doing a promotion at such a high price.

2. Ulicorp
Another worthy mention of my selection in Ulicorp on 12th February 2014, Ulicorp - Towards An Ultimate Front. That time, it was just swinging at the range of RM 1.05.

Yet another coincident? That's rightfully wrong to say that. This is no coincident because at that point of time, I can see that the local construction scene is taking up a boom due to massive new development taking up, buyer rushing in frantically and pushing up demand. So as a sensitive investor that can smell Gadang, Ulicorp is nothing to be missed due to the fact that this company work hand in hand with most of the developer in providing cabling services that is totally essential for any new development.

The rest is history, Ulicorp took away until a peak of RM 6.50. Despite a recent huge drop to RM 3.50, that is still 350% in record for 2.5 years holding.

So let's put aside construction, I too look into electronics like semiconductor. So I recommended KESM at the range of RM 5.30 before a equity shake up (KESM - Burning Higher) and reinfornce a buy call to add RM 4.30 (KESM - The Rose Among Thorn) as well. Despite some asking member to cut their KESM during highly pressured moments, this counter is now in great blossom, trading at the range of RM 10.00.

Well I have a lot more, and that will take you up more than 3 week to finish it.

So back to my main point, I know many are preaching FA (Fundamental Analysis), TA (Technical Analysis), but I would like to share to you my approach on Personality Analysis in Gunung now.

So who is worth a good mention in Gunung now?

For this, I will not talk about Gunung first, but guide you into Appasia, one of the latest hot mention in KLSE. So how hot it is?
Not very hot, just from 10 cents to 35 cents 4 months. Good enough? Can it get hotter?

Wow, look at this. We had got Nazifuddin on board this boat. You know what magic can Nazifuddin (son of prime minister) do in the market, right? Then Ooi Hock Lai as the 4th largest shareholder? Wow, who is this Ooi Hock Lai?

According to Annual Report, as of 10 Feb 2014, there are no mention of Ooi Hock Lai as one of the large substantial shareholder.

So in 2016, Ooi Hock Lai shareholding is standing side by side with Nazifuddin in Appasia. If it takes a lot of your study to invest RM 100k into a counter, then for Ooi Hock Lai to invest approx 2 to 3 million should not be a blind bet after all, right? So to put it forward, I would have high credible assumption that Ooi Hock Lai is well connected and also well knowing on the underlying development of a company once he is invested into it.

So where are the other traces of Ooi Hock Lai ?

24.26 millions of share in Gunung, and that is like 10.27% stake!

So now that you had seen how Appasia throttling 350% in just a short time frame, I don't know what magic can do to Gunung in 2017.

By now, you can see I am on a very hard sell mode on Gunung. But is alright, I am hard selling it when it is still low, and there are still margin for appreciation. After all, what is share market? This is a market where you share, share out your thoughts, share out your points. But of course, the most important is to share something beneficial at the right time.

Have a nice week ahead.

GUNUNG (7676) - Gunung Capital Berhad: Not a PPAP, but PA in Gunung