VIVOCOM is positioning to fly higher anytime!

    Everything, both fundamental prospect and positive reading on technical analysis, is realign to the same target. VIVOCOM will make a comeback to Target Price of 30sen, which is its last high before tumbling to lower level than current price.

    After last week update on potential winning of sub-contract award for mega projects, such as Gemas-JB Double Track and ECRL due to its alliance with China companies, CRCC and CCCC, now there is another potential winning of multi-billion sub-contract job, Bandar Malaysia.

    ...for more details, please refer to my previous article...

    ...this after The Singapore Straits Times reported that Putrajaya had received nine pitches from various Chinese and Japanese corporations, valued between US$7 billion (RM30 billion) and US$10.5 billion. Those believe to be in contention include CCCC.

    Again, VIVOCOM has taken in the limelight. It's not impossible for VIVOCOM can make it for Bandar Malaysia. It's a huge project and everyone wants to get involve and has its name on the project for track record.

    While IWC and Malton had been flying higher before this because of Bandar Malaysia, so now, it is show time for VIVOCOM this time around! Why not?!

    Final say, please be seated and tighten your seat belt. VIVOCOM ready to take off and fly higher. My TP is 30sen, in line with major uptrend Wave. For minor uptrend Wave, TP is 20.5sen. The stock will find strong resistance at 18sen before continuing to surge higher.

    TP for WB: 9sen, WC & WD: 11sen based on mother share price of 18sen. They will also follow suit to fly higher if mother reaches 20.5sen and 30sen!