Hidden gem for 200% profit

Applaud to many investors that made excellent profit on Bursa. I have already made 120% return this year, but I did not feel comfortable. I had an enlightenment one day that lead me to visit Evolve Concept Mall in Ara Damansara.

I went to Evolve Concept Mall on afternoon yesterday. I was surprise to be able to see the mall was so empty! At the point, I feel that my enligthenment may not be correct and decide to leave the Mall. As I was leaving, I walk pass Texas Chicken. I decide to eat lunch at Texas Chicken before I leave the mall.

I enter Texas Chicken and was surprise to see Salvador Deli (People say he as the Malaysia holland king due to his bad stock pick such as EAH and SONA). He was eating chicken and drinking coca cola alone. I walk over his desk, he welcome me. I ask what he doing while eating chicken with a laptop. He tell me, he been in Evolve Concept Mall and eat Texas Chicken since January. Woaah, eat Texas Chicken all day not tired and sick of it? He tell me that he sialang Jaks Resources Bhd and now have not much money to eat, he want to contribute to Jaks Resource Bhd profit and the result is he eat Texas Chicken in Evolve Concept Mall to contribute to Jaks profit.

I tell Salvator Deli, are you mean you "sai lang"? He insist he sialang. I ask him what sialang? He continue eat his chicken and dodge the important question.

Before I leave Texas Chicken, he tell me, "sialang Jaks, you shall never regret, 200% profit"... Woaah, so confidence?

I believe this my enlightment. This is my enlightment for 200% profit for Jaks:

- I trust Salvador becuase he say sialang

- I trust Salvador he trust the word other people say

- I trust Jaks becuase Salvador trust Jaks

- I trust Salvador becuase he is super investor and good business sence. He is able to view Jaks from business point. Only a super investor able to see from 1,200 stock on Bursa, Jaks is the best business sence stock. I forgaven him for his bad pick like EAH and SONA.