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Due to very high demand request from few regular commentarors such as greatwall, who commented "any other stocks?" in my previous post on "Solid gem for 300% return", I decided to reveal my next super gem for 500% return.

My first post on "Hidden gem for 200% profit" have more than 50,000 views

My second post on "Solid gem for 300% return" have more than 15,000 views

Many commentors have thank me for my excellent strategy in identifiying perfect stocks like Jaks and Hengyuan. Even Salvador have told me during hiking trip yesterday that he no longer eat chicken and coco cola at Evolve Concept Mall! Woah!

Next, I will reveal my third super gem.

It is Eversendai

Eversendai comply with my secret super investing principle:

- The principle of "Sialang when other fund managers ask you to sell". Many fund managers are not super investors because they lack of business sence. Since January, all fund managers put a sell rating on Eversendai. They are stupid and poor. They are not super investor. Only a super investor that sialang when other fund managers ask you to sell, will make a lot of money.

- The principle of "Sialang base on business sence". Many people drive all around from Malaysia to my house in Melaka to strongly advise me to buy many stocks. When I encounter this situation, I analyse base on many business factors before I buy. I have 40 years of industry experience, I have excellent track record, I am rich and I am very very intelligent. That is why I am a superinvestor. Business sence will only belong to people like me that have excellent experience, other people are only normal people and should follow what I buy.

- The principle of "Sialang first, ask later". Many people are stupid. They sialang only when the stock price has gone up 100 times. They are stupid because they "ask first, sialang later". For a super investor like me, I must sialang first, ask later. For instanse, I sialang many stocks first and go to the AGM and ask the management many many questions. If the management cannot answer, I scold them and embarras them by walk out of AGM or vote them out.

I am super investor, if you prefer to see my other recent stock track record, I will disclose 3 more:

Bought Xinquan 0.02, Sold Xinquan 0.55. More than 100% profit in one day

Bought Mudajaya 0.82, Sold Mudajaya 1.65. More than 100% profit in three montn

Bought Jaya Tiasa 1.09, Sold Jaya Tiasa 1.23. Super profit in few days.



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