How to be a ultimate superinvestor?

Dear forum members,

Since my coverage on ATTA-LA, it has fly up more than 15% in 2 days. As I am a ultimate super investor, I am able to very accurately analyze a stock and this is the main traits of a ultimate superinvestor.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to teach all forum members a valuable lesson on how to be a ultimate superinvestor.

I would illustrate this by telling a tale:

A Uttar Pradesh man started to have strong affection with a Mauritius girl (Manitha). The Mauritius girl invite the Uttar Pradesh man to meet her poppa.

The Uttar Pradesh man was shy because he was poor and decline. The Mauritius girl insist it would be alright.

Uttar Pradesh man: I have deep affection for Manitha. I would like to be attached with her.

Mauritius poppa: Give me platinum equal to her mass.

Uttar Pradesh man: I need 10 years.

Mauritius poppa: To collect?

Uttar Pradesh man: No, no... .. To convert her from vegetarian to cannibal.

A ultimate superinvestor will reward you when you are a cannibal. A cannibal is a investor that will lure their prey into a trap and eat savagely (Not like a vegetarian that eat peaceful). It simply means you have to lure your prey in stock investment into a trap and milk the prey savagely.

Based on this principal, you must not sell Jaks, Eversendai, Heng Yuan and Atta-LA. A super investor must be able to be like a cannibal. If you are a cannibal, you must not sell. You must hold.

Many fund managers or self acclaimed stock gurus out there would charge a minimum of RM1,000 for this valuable lesson. I give it for free.

Thank you,