LIIHEN (7089) - Hurricane Harvey blow a hole, but this company finds the gold

One of the top global news would be the current natural catastrophe that had been plaguing the United States of America for the past week - Hurricane Harvey.

Albeit Hurricane Harvey being categorized as a Category 4 Hurricane, the onslaught of it's destruction power had been proven to be one of the costliest in terms of economical damage to the US history. Analyst had been putting up figures which are chalking above USD 100 billion in economic losses.

While it is a pitiful event for the citizen staying at the affected area - Houston and Louisiana, we continue to pray that the people will stay strong amidst this challenging times as relieve and support come into help.

In such a powerful hurricane, you would consider to be lucky if you house suffered from a ripped off roof. As for those house where sits at the traveling path of the eye of the storm, you can expect a power grazed to ground scenario.

House with water front scenario

Even Kimi Raikkonen can't do that

Is too bad, nothing can be salvage here

It is not advisable to swim in such condition

Movie uses CGI effect to make such flood. Harvey uses water to make such flood

One thing good about human being is that we will always rise up strong and move forward after a disaster. Now that Hurricane Harvey had completed it's job in drilling a economic hole into Houston and Louisiana, it is time for this company to dig out the gold inside the hole.

So what is so special about this company ?

According to my the latest quarterly report, this company derived 70% of it's sales revenue from the US. And, it is none other than Lii Hen Industries Berhad (Liihen - 7089)

As you can see, albeit the situation at the damage site is bad, but things do not stop there, and recovery and rebuilding will come in. For a developed nation such as United States of America, we are definitely going to see government support and relieve to help the victim in getting back their feet. Other than that, we will be looking to see insurance company unlocking that pile of cash from their banks account and compensate the victim, which in turn - benefit the economy.

As a matter of fact, US listed furniture company - Home Depot, had saw it's share price rambling upwards, gaining almost 4% since that event.

Since Liihen had strong export exposure to the US, I will be looking to see this event to contribute to Liihen upcoming revenue in the next 6 months. On technical outlook, Liihen continue to see a strong display of uptrend backed with strong financial result.

Of course, now the ball is at your side to see if this opportunity is a good deal for you. As for me, I had laid down some facts of event, you can justify your investment as a good bet, or bad ball.