Stocks for short term trading The Long Steel Big 4 – ANNJOO(6556), MASTEEL(5098), SSTEEL(5665), LIONIND(4235) 
The recent increasing of volume and price for ANNJOO pull our attention to the long steel industry. Below are recent published QR from big 4, and why the price of ANNJOO is still moving toward the all time high? We think that possible the next QR of long steel industry will be awesome, with few of the main reasons given below. 

1) For region view, the cheap long steel from china is the main problem for long steel industry in Malaysia. To assist, the government imposed an import duty on imported steel, which will lead to the increase of price of long steel and profit margin for the industry in Malaysia. 
2) The infrastructure project in Malaysia kicks off in 2017, resulting the huge demand of steel for the construction projects. The big projects include the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak which is about RM29 Billion, the RM55 Billion project East Coast Rail Link(ECRL) and the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail which is Said to be testing Rm70 Billion. 
3) For global view, the Global Steel price increasing mainly because of china steel production cut, and the cutting of supply will further increase in the future, the effect will be start seen in second half of the year 2017, expecting the long steel counters will delivering a very strong QR. 
ANNJOO, as a leader, predicting it will break through the all time high soon. If happened, the other counters in long steel industry most probably will be following, MASTEEL start to see movement and increase of volume. SSTEEL, affect by it recent published weak QR, the share price need time to absorb the selling force, possible to continue it uptrend soon. 
Best Pick (1 is the best), we focus on ANNJOO and MASTEEL, and watch whether SSTEEL will resume it uptrend as before, will not consider LIONIND until the uptrend been confirmed. 
1. ANNJOO – To testing the all time high soon, leader of steel. 2. MASTEEL – Uptrend and start moving.  3. SSTEEL – Uptrend but affecting by the recent published week QR, price gap down and sideway, possible resume its previous trend later if ANNJOO break the all time high. 4. LIONIND – Wait for the trend. 
note: EMA 25 EMA 50 need to pointing up, and increase in volume. 
Technical View 
TP = Target Price             CL = Cut loss 
The price surge on 23 and 24 august 2017 with high volume indicate the price had move into new region, the breakout is valid and possible continue to testing the next resistance. 
CheckPoint : Rm 3.50 
Tp1 : RM 4       Tp2 : Rm 4.5 
CL : Rm 3.35 
The price start moving with increase of volume, once breakthrough Rm1.20 with huge volume, it will set to testing the all time high as well. 
CheckPoint : Rm1.20 
Tp 1 : Rm1.30    Tp2 : Rm1.40 
CL : 1.10 
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By Rambo. 
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