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After a long holiday, BURSA finally resume on trading mode. However, today market opened high and closed low due to North Korea again. We still see lots of red chips moving. However, those are considered high risk stocks. You are lucky if you able to catch low but not to chase high. Everyone know well about CHINA stocks.
We are glad that our stocks performed well.
PERMAJU achieved both TP 0.30 & 0.35. More than 30% return. Related company with PERMAJU like SANBUMI moved too 0.25 to 0.27. CCK one of the stock that keep drop since result released. We caught at the lowest 0.93. Closed at 0.96. When a stock move down, everyone tend to quiet and hide in the corner. When a stock turn green, they tend to chase or jump out because they are the one stuck high.
Steel theme is still ongoing. One of our steel pick is TATGIAP closed at high 0.16 since we told at 0.15. First day of rebound, we will look further in this stock. 

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