MEDIA (4502) - You might had missed Liihen, but don't miss out what Morgan Stanley is buying now!!!

Good day every fellow reader. I hope my previous recommendation in Liihen will find you good, and will also help you to recover a bit of losses here and there in this challenging and cautious market. Gone are the days where you can afford to close your eyes and punt into any stock which will easily turn you in with huge chunk of profits during the earlier half of this year. Now, the market sentiment continue to be mired by North Korean nuclear and missile activities as well as some development in the crude oil market. Nonetheless, the US market (DJIA) continue to rally above 23000, historical high to say. Despite warning after warning, the strength of DJIA continue to defy the bear-logic.

For now, I am not going to talk too much crap on the broad market, but I would like to point out to you on this important aspect of "You and The Market Opportunity".

Are you really doing enough to capture what the market opportunity had to offer to you for the past 2 weeks ?

My name is ?
So for the past 3 to 4 weeks, one of the major news in the world had to be Hurricane Harvey, then Irma, and followed by Jose, Katia, Lee and so on. By the way, just an additional knowledge if you are wondering how are the hurricane being named - They are done in alphabetically order (A,B,C,D......X,Y,Z) and the names will rotate from male, then female, then male. For example, Harvey is a male name, Irma is female, and Jose is male. Now you got it?

Now the media is finally picking up on the recovery of the destruction caused by the Hurricane, but at what cost ?

Let me show you. When I had highlighted on Liihen on the 8th September 2017 in this post, Liihen is trading at the price at probably RM 3.38 with a 4 cents dividend in hand. Subsequently, if you had "Just Do It" as per my recommendation on September 11, that's probably around RM 3.35. As you can see, I had picked up on Liihen when nobody see it as a golden opportunity.

So, if you had followed on Hong Leong Investment Bank Research, then you would probably be catching Liihen at around RM 3.50. And it subsequently went to a high of RM 3.78

Lastly, if you are the retailer that will be just reading The Star Newspaper, then you will notice that on 23rd September, the newspaper highlighted on "Windfall for local furniture maker" due to restoration work from the devastation left by the hurricane in the US and Carribean. Of course, now Liihen price is at RM 3.67 as of Thursday closing.

My point is - the choice to enter at RM 3.38, or RM 3.50, or RM 3.67 - You know which is better, right ?

Alright, now I am not going to bullsheet so much on Hurricane, nor am I going to talk about Liihen today, because today, I need to reveal to you a company which you should take note seriously again. You would ask me - Why ah ?

To answer you this from top to toe, you ear hole might probably become as big as a bottle hole. So I had to avoid that from happening.

To cut it short - Morgan Stanley is buying this company for the past 6 months without stop !

This lead to your next question - Which company is this ?

Nonetheless, it is Media Prima Berhad (Media - 4502)

As you can see, Morgan Stanley had been accumulating on Media share, and break the 5% mark on April 2017. As of 6th April 2017, Morgan Stanley held 5.05% of Media share.

So what is the price Media is trading at during that time of period in April 2017.

According to this chart, Media is trading at the price of RM 1.20. Which means, any open market buy in by Morgan Stanley had to be seen at the cost of RM 1.20.

Now, Media had started to break out from a medium term down trend. As a matter of fact, the reason for Media share dropping into this point is much contributed from the impairment done to an invested entity by the name of MNI (Malaysia Newsprint Services), where Media held 21.4%.

Prior to this, I believe now Media is at a very clean state, and geared up for a better growth in the coming future.

For this reason, I had to tell you that ever since Morgan Stanley started it's buying spree in Media, it had not stop accumulating it's share from the open market.
According to the latest filing, Morgan Stanley held 7.89% of Media share as of 21st September 2017, which is an increase of 2.84% from April. And I had to tell you that Morgan Stanley is not seen to be slowing down on it's purchase on Media share from the open public.

But, Morgan Stanley is definitely not alone in this heist of Media share from the public. A public filing show that even our own EPF is buying into Media, and is currently holding 13.6% of equity interest in Media.

So, what had Media got to do with you ???

Since all the big fund taikors are buying into Media, I believe it wouldn't harm you much if you follow them to buy in into Media at the current price, right ?

Why now is the best time ? Because the above price chart shown you clearly that Media is currently at it's all time low for the past 3 years !!! All time low, and all the big fund taikors are buying in blindly or with intention, we don't have to know much - What matters much is are you going to buy in into Media or not ?

For now, I will not talk too much. I had to tell you that buying into Media now is the best ever timing!! Now, now, now!!! No other better time, and don't take too much time to think.

In my next post, I will share with you on my further analysis on 
1) Why Morgan Stanley is buying
2) What is going to happen to Media
3) What can Media Prima do in the upcoming General Election.

But for now, the choice is yours. Media at RM 0.75 - Take it or miss it. Don't repeat a case of Liihen again.