Date : 11 Sept 2017
Stock :  POS  -  (RM5.45)
Target Price : - 1st RM6 / 2nd RM8
Warrant : POS-C11 (0.14 cts) - TP's more than (0.30 cts).

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➡️ Kim's forsees profit taking (5.60 - 5.40) stage has been done in couple days already. New consolidation and pile has been set (5.30-5.47). Looking foward to cross back (5.50 - 5.80) by anytime to hit his 1st personel target.

➡️ POS financial results for the 1st quarter ended 30 June, recording a 21% surge in its adjusted profit (YoY) to RM37.9M, mainly contributed by higher revenue.

➡️ POS revenue grew organically 7.5%

➡️ POS international mail revenue growth of +125%

➡️ POS operating profit organically grew 12.8%

➡️ POS bottom line profit of RM37mn, which grew 21% YoY, was also supported by the reduction in the effective tax rate to 18% from 25%.

➡️ POS on waiting progress:
1) Progress on the launch of the KLIA Air Cargo Terminal. 2) Business direction - RORO business.
3)  Upcoming launch of its digital mailbox.

➡️ POS invest RM250 million in new mail hub. Set up a national mail and parcel hub in Shah Alam in its aim to achieve an automation level of up to 70 percent from 20 percent currently.

➡️ Pos Malaysia and Egypt Post have agreed to step up cooperation towards the improvement of postal services between the two countries.

➡️ POS evolvement plans going forward. By providing a variety of services in a bid to become a key player in the logistics sector.

➡️ POS remain sceptical that the courier division growth would exceed 11% in the coming quarters on expectations of stronger volume due to the festive seasons at the end of the year.

➡️  POS earnings forecasts for FY19/FY20 are raised by 7.6%/5.8% to account for cost savings from the acquisition of two bulk vessels for the Tenaga Nasional Bhd contract.

➡️ POS E-commerce will anchor its long-term growth as Pos Malaysia is the primary beneficiary of the boom.

Disclaimer: above notes are based on our own interpretations and is not intended to portray any political/biased standing.

Kim’s Stockwatch

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