LIIHEN (7089) - (richDad) - LIIHEN - TAKE PROFIT After 20% GAIN in 6 months


1. Target price reached. It's time to take profit on Liihen as it is very near to my target price of RM4.30. This is the proof of my blog in May.
2. 20% gain in 6 months. Based on today's closing price of RM3.84, my gain is 20% in 6 months.

3. Good 3Q but don't expect a great one. 3Q result is still going to increase yoy but don't expect 20% to 30% growth.  This is due to average USDMYR rate of 4.15 in 3q17 vs 4.10 last year 3q. That's like only 1% to 2% gain from currency movement. Operations growth probably up another 5% to 10% to make all in 6% to 12% earnings growth.